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Reception Curriculum Overview Summer 2 2021


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Year 1

Year 1 Overview Summer 2


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Year 3


Year 3 Overview Summer 2.docx


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Year 4


Year 4 Summer 2 Overview

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Year 5


Year 5 Curriculum Overview Summer 2


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Year 6


Year 6 Summer 2 overview final.docx

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Mrs Timms' Wednesday Challenge

Hello everybody,

I am Mrs Timms - your new Deputy Headteacher - and I would like to introduce the 'Mrs Timms' Wednesday Challenge'.

You have all been doing some fantastic home learning but I thought it would be nice for you to have some different challenges to have a go at to break the week up a little bit.

Each week I will set some 'Wednesday Challenges' for you to choose from which will be based around one of the ten 'Big Ideas' from the 'Cornerstones Curriculum'. You can choose to do as many of the challenges as you want and these can be spread out throughout the week.

Each Wednesday I will choose a child from each class to receive the 'Wednesday Winner' award based upon the challenges they have done throughout the previous week.

Please share pictures of you doing your challenge or any work you produce on my messaging page on Class Dojo. A link will be put on Dojo to these Powerpoints (one for Reception and KS1 and another for KS2).

Have fun doing the challenges and I can't wait to see how you get on!

Mrs Timms


Mrs Timms' Wednesday Challenge - Week 1 - Wednesday 13th January 2021

This week the 'Big Idea' is 'Humankind'. 

Humankind is all about understanding what it means to be human and how human behaviour has shaped the world. It makes us think about ideas like how we are connected, the human body, how we keep healthy and how we can work together.


Humankind KS2 (1)

Humankind Rec and KS1 (1)


Please remember to upload any pictures to my messages in your Class Dojo!


Wednesday 20th January 2021

Good morning everybody. It was so lovely to see all the wonderful activities you did last week as part of your Wednesday Challenge. Everybody put so much hard work into them and it was very difficult to choose the 'Wednesday Winners' for this week - you should all be very proud of yourselves!

Last week's Wednesday Winners were:

  • Year 1 - Isabella for her gratitude hearts
  • Year 2 - Harper for helping mummy make the dinner
  • Year 3 - Ena for her hand hygiene poster
  • Year 4 - Alicia for her humankind portraits
  • Year 5 - Neave for her hygiene and stay safe poster
  • Year 6 - Karamveer for his humankind acrostic with a globe background

I hope you all have fun doing this week's Wednesday Challenges which are all about 'Processes' and how things work. Remember you can complete them throughout the week and message me on Class Dojo when you have completed any.

Mrs Timms


Processes Rec and KS1 20 Jan 2021

Processes KS2 20 Jan 2021


Good morning everybody.

Hope you are all having a good week so far. Well done to all the children who completed the 'Processes' Wednesday Challenges from last week. The 'Wednesday Winners' this week are:

Reception - Elise C for completing the magnet challenge with her big sister.

Year 1 - Piper for her floating and sinking experiment.

Year 2 - Harper for exploring processes to design a t-shirt.

Year 3 - Ena for her climate report.

Year 4 - Isabella for the magnet challenge she did with her sister.

Year 5 - Eliza for her magnet challenge.

Year 6 - Alice M for her raisin and lemonade experiment

This week the challenges are all based around the theme of 'Creativity'.

I hope you have fun doing them and if you haven't tried the Wednesday Challenges yet some of these are great fun!

Have a good week.

Mrs Timms

Creativity Rec and KS1

Creativity KS2


Hello everybody.

I hope you have all had a great week. I have been so impressed again at all your hard work and effort you have put into the Wednesday Challenges. We had some amazing creations!

The Wednesday Winners for the 'Creativity' challenges were:

Ayla - for her homemade playdough

Talha - for his brilliant egg chariot

Simran - for creating a new Maths game

Charlotte - for the design and fabulous colours in her paper egg

Alicia - for her beautiful egg painting

Very well done to all these winners!

The challenge for this week became a 'Tuesday Challenge' and they can be found on the home screen of the website - they are all about 'Change'. You still have until next Wednesday to complete them. Have fun!

Change Rec and KS1

Change KS2


10th February

Hello everybody,

This week our Wednesday Challenges are all about 'Place'. I hope you have fun doing them. You might want to try some if you have some spare time over half term. Have a good rest as well though! 

I will announce the 'Wednesday Winners' from lest week on Wednesday afternoon in case there are any last minute uploads.

Place Rec and KS1

Place KS2

Our Wednesday Winners from last week were:

Austin for his discussion about vehicles changing over the years.

Autumn for her changing potions.

Isabella for her 'Vote for me' campaign.

Sienna for her creative picture.

Blake for his work on Faberge.

Noah for his presidential campaign.

Well done to all of these children.


Wednesday 24th February 2021

Hello everybody,

I hope you all had a lovely half term break.

Here are the Wednesday challenges for this week. I hope you enjoy doing them and remember to upload your finished work to my messages page on Class Dojo by Tuesday next week.

Mrs Timms

Investigation Rec and KS1

Investigation KS2


 The Wednesday Winners for last week ('Place' challenges) were:

Lucy - for her discussion about Australian animals

Faye - for her 'Wild Down Under' work

Archie - for his work on his favourite place

Ena - for her Royal Menu

Dylan - for his 'Dream Holiday' work

Karamveer - for his work on coffee beans 

Well done to all of these children. 


Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Hello everybody,

I am uploading the final set of Wednesday Challenges before you all return to school next week on 8th March.

This week they are all about the theme of 'Significance'.

I hope you all enjoy them and remember to upload any work or pictures to Class Dojo on my messages.

Significance Rec KS1

Significance KS2


 The Wednesday Winners for last week's challenge which were all about 'Investigation' were:

Lila - for investigating parts of a flower

Libby - for investigating connections within a story map

Autumn - for her tower investigation

Faye - for her bridge building and design

Blake - for his bird watching investigation and graph

Ellie C - for great bridge building

Faith - for her bridge design and model

Very well done to all of these children! 

It is our last week of Wednesday Challenges this week before we welcome everybody back to school. If you want to be in with a chance of being a Wednesday Winner upload your work to Dojo by Tuesday 9th March.

Miss Moreton's Reading Club

Reading Book and Story Time Update for Parents

Weekly Reading Books WB: 22/03/21:

Please find your child's recommended reading book from the list below.

At Home

Big Fat Rat


Fish and Chips

Sue Kangaroo


Parent Reading Log:

We love to hear your feedback and get insights in to how your children are doing with their reading. You can do this by completing the Reading Log below.

Weekly Reading Log

Weekly Reading Log Editable

Weekly Reading Log Example


Book Review Templates:

Please choose from the two book review templates below. If you do not have a printer, do not worry! Use the templates as inspiration to create your own book review on paper.

Book Review 1

Book Review 2