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Y2 Synagogue Visit.

St Paul's Clubs booking form Summer 2

Year 6 Leaver's Hoodies

St Paul's Clubs booking form SM1 2022

B'Club 2022 Booking form

Letter for trip to Leeds City Museum yr 6

Y3 Cliffe Castle Museum

Reception Cannon Hall Farm Letter

Year 5 Viking Visit

B'Club 2022 Booking form

St Paul's Clubs booking form SP2 2022

School playground outdoor equipment brochure.

Year 5 contingency plan

Covid outbreak contingency Summary January 2022

January 2022 Updated COVID Risk Assessment

Year 6 Whitby letter for parents

Robin Wood Letter 2022 for parents


Year 1 Air museum letter for parents

Tropical World Visit Year 2

School update letter January 2022

December 2021 Parent Update Letter

Breakfast club booking form 2022 Spring 1

Updated Christmas events in school

Letter to parents October 2021

Breakfast club booking form 2021 Autumn 2

After school clubs letter AT 2 2021

After School Clubs Booking Form AT 2 2021

Parent Consultations Autumn Term 1 2021

Allergy & dietary needs letter September 2021

Final September opening School Planning and RA - July 2021 (1)

Letter to parents 22nd July 2021

Letter to parents 8th July 2021. End of term updates and reminders

Breakfast club booking form 2021 Autumn 1

OBON Day 2021

Letter to parent 16th June (School plans for September)

YR6 Ingleborough Hall

YR5 Ingleborough Hall

YR4 Ingleborough Hall

YR3 Ingleborough Hall

YR2 Ingleborough Hall

YR1 Ingleborough Hall

YR REC Ingleborough Hall

Wrap-around care booking form Summer 2

Letter to parents 10th May 2021 (Mental Health Awareness Week)

2021 leavers hoodies

Parent Consultations Summer Term letter

RSE Parent Consultation

RSE Frequently asked questions

Draft RSE policy

Letter to parents 18th March 2021

Letter to parents 2nd March 2021

Risk assessment January 2021

Letter to parents 12th February 2021

Wrap-around care booking form Spring Term 2

Letter to parents 28th January 2021

Parent letter 12 Jan 2021

Providing Remote Education Offer

Jan 2021 Letter

Letter to parents 17th December 2020.

Risk assessment November 2020

Christmas Recordings

Letter to parents 23rd October 2020

Remote learning policy

FM School Catering - ParentPay Introductory message for parents and carers v2

Parent Consultations Autumn Term 2020

Letter to parents 8th October 2020.

Parent Guide To COVID Absence Procedures

Letter to parents 25th September 2020

Class Dojo Student Log In Instructions

Back to school newsletter 2020 Term 1