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29th May 2020

Virtual Disco!

Save the date! Everyone is invited to join us at our online school disco,19 June 2020 5:30pm.

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29th May 2020

What to do if you are worried about someone's safety

Are you concerned about someone's safety? If you have a concern about the safety of a child or a vulnerable adult, do not keep it to yourself.

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27th May 2020

Help and advice for families

Charities and organisations offering a variety of support to families.

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18th May 2020

Healthy Minds Support

Useful contact details for adults and children to help keep a Healthy Mind.

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15th May 2020

Stars of the week and TT battles results!

Click on the Celebration Page tab to view this week's Stars of the Week and our TT Battles Winners.Well done to all the winners!

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7th May 2020

Setting up parental controls on children's devices

This interactive mobile friendly guide will provide you with all the information needed to keep your child safe on popular devices.

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2nd May 2020

Applying for Free School Meals

If your financial circumstances have recently changed you may now be eligible for free school meals.

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1st May 2020

Bradford Libraries Ebooks

Did you know that Bradford Libraries have hundreds of EBooks for children, with new titles added daily during the current Covid-19 Pandemic. EBooks are FREE to borrow requiring only a library card to access.

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24th April 2020

St Paul's Church News and Events

Please visit the St Paul's Church website for information about children's activities, online services and support to families during this time.

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23rd March 2020

Updated Learning Resources

Please refer to the 'Learning Resources' tab at the bottom of the Home Page for up to date home learning information and guidance.

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